Memor 32 Feature (FW: V1.2e):
- Works on v3-v16 (SCPH-7900X) PAL and USA PS2
- Load and save PS2 savegames to and from any PC.
- Play backup PS2 Game on your PS2 without Chipping modification.
- Share and exchange your savegames with friends and on related forum!
- Enhance your game experience with a full 32 MB Memory card, store all your savegames on one memory!
- Support for DVD-based ps2 games by using our custom transparent patcher (game files are not modified and patched discs will work with
   both Memento firmware and normal modchips/swap discs).
- DEV1 mode to launch up to 4 different applications (ELF) from the memory card
- DEV3 mode to launch up to 4 different applications (ELF) from USB hdd/memory stick.

I. Installation Instructuon for play PS2 packup game:
1. Download need files:
   - Memor 32 firmwave (latest version: v1.2e)
   - Memor 32 USB Driver: click here to download and install it.
2. Insert Memor 32 into PS2 memory card slot, turn on PS2 and enter PS2 brower to format Memor 32.
3. Connect Memor 32 to PC via USB cable, then PC should recognize a USB serial port in Device Manager.
4. Launch memorFW which was inside file, and click update to program firmware into Memor 32 as photo.
5. Build ISO file of the game you wanna backup. (suggest creat iso software: Imgburn.)
6. Launch MementoDiscPatcher0.9e which was inside file, and click patch to patch the iso file you just built.
7. Burn the patched iso file into DVD-R.
8. then we finished everything for playing backup game with Memor 32, for now you just plug Memor 32 into PS2 slot, and insert PS2
    backup game you burned, turn on PS2 and have fun!!

II. Instruction for using Memor 32 Savegame Manger:
1. Download Memor 32 Savegame Manager (latest version: v1.3) and install it.
2. Connect Memor 32 to PC via USB cable, then PC should recognize a USB serial port in Device Manager.
3. Launch Memor 32 Savegame Manager, you should find the Connected and Available Space information as photo.
4. So now you can exchange your savegames to PC and Memory Card.

III. To install the ELF files :
1. For DEV3 mode, simply make a folder called BOOT on your memory stick and copy the files there.
2. For DEV1 mode, you need to browse to the folder where your savegames are stored in your PC (in a default installation of the Memor32
   Save Game Manager this is usually C:\Program Files\Memor32\Ps2Saves\), just make a new folder inside Ps2Saves and call it "BOOT".
  you can now copy any elf file in there (plus any additional needed files, like roms for emulators) and the Memor32 save game manager
  will see is as a new savegame that you can easily restore to the memory card.
  Remember to rename the elf files according to the table above and to close and restart the savegame manager when you add any files to
  the BOOT folder.
3. DEV mode is invoked by pressing R1/R2/L1/L2 pad buttons on boot for DEV1 mode or PAD DOWN + R1/R2/L1/L2 for DEV3 mode. If no
   buttons are pressed on the joypad, memento behaves as normal (direct booting of game disc if present or ps2 browser).
ELF files are mapped as follows :
   L2 : /BOOT/BOOT4.ELF